How to Clean Pura Vida String Bracelets?

Pura Vida string bracelets are a great accessory for any outfit. But, like any piece of jewelry, they can get dirty over time. Here’s how to clean your Pura Vida bracelet and keep it looking like new.

To start, gather some supplies. You’ll need mild soap, a soft toothbrush, and a bowl of lukewarm water. Mix the soap and water together in the bowl.

Submerge your bracelet in the mixture and let it soak for a few minutes. Next, take the bracelet out of the water and gently scrub it with the toothbrush. Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies!

Rinse the bracelet well with clean water when you’re finished scrubbing. Finally, dry your bracelet off with a soft cloth or paper towel before putting it back on your wrist. And that’s it—your Pura Vida bracelet is now sparkling clean!

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How to Clean Pura Vida String Bracelets

  • Remove the bracelet from wrist
  • Place the bracelet in a small bowl filled with warm water and a few drops of dish soap
  • Gently scrub the bracelet with a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt or build-up
  • Rinse the bracelet under warm running water
  • Dry the bracelet off with a clean towel or air dry it before putting it back on your wrist

Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets is a Costa Rican company that sells handmade bracelets. The company was founded in 2010 by two friends, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman. The name “Pura Vida” means “pure life” in Spanish, and the company’s mission is to spread the Costa Rican lifestyle of Pura Vida through its products.

Each bracelet is hand-woven by artisans in Costa Rica from high-quality materials. The bracelets are available in a wide variety of colors and styles and can be customized with charms or engravings. Pura Vida also partners with over 400 charities worldwide, donating a portion of their proceeds to worthy causes such as providing clean water to developing countries or building homes for families in need.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift, an accessory to show your support for a cause or just a fun fashion statement, Pura Vida Bracelets has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start living the Pura Vida lifestyle today!

Pura Vida Classic Bracelets

Pura Vida Classic Bracelets are the perfect way to add a touch of style to any outfit. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect one to match your personality. Plus, they’re made from high-quality materials, so you know they’ll last.

Whether you’re looking for a bracelet to wear every day or one for special occasions, Pura Vida has you covered. And, because each piece is handcrafted, you know you’re getting a unique item that was made with care. If you’re looking for an affordable way to accessorize your wardrobe, Pura Vida Classic Bracelets are a great option.

With so many different styles to choose from, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you.

What to Do With Extra String on Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida bracelets are a popular fashion accessory, but what do you do with the extra string once you’ve made your purchase? Here are a few ideas: – Use it as a bookmark in your favorite book or journal.

– Wrap it around your wrist as a cute bracelet. – Tie it around your bun or ponytail for a fun and funky look. – Attach it to your keychain or bag for a touch of personality.

– Give it away to a friend who may appreciate it. No matter what you do with it, that extra string from your Pura Vida bracelet will always remind you of the good times you had while wearing it!

Why are My Pura Vida Bracelets Sticky

If you’re a Pura Vida bracelet fan, you may have noticed that your bracelets can sometimes get a little sticky. There are a few reasons why this can happen, but don’t worry – it’s easily fixable! The most common reason for sticky Pura Vida bracelets is because of the natural oils from your skin.

This is especially true if you wear your bracelets all day, every day – which we know many of you do! The oils can build up over time and make the bracelets less smooth. An easy way to clean your bracelets and get rid of the stickiness is to use dish soap and warm water.

Just soak them for a few minutes, then rinse well and dry them with a soft cloth. If they’re still sticky after that, you can try rubbing alcohol or vinegar. Be sure to rinse well afterward so that none of these solutions stays on the bracelet itself.

Once your bracelet is clean and dry, it should be good as new! If the stickiness persists or gets worse, it’s probably time for a new bracelet (hey, we’ve got lots of great options to choose from!).

How to Wear Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida bracelets are more than just a piece of jewelry. They’re a lifestyle. Wearing Pura Vida is about embracing the good life and enjoying every moment.

Pura Vida bracelets are meant to be worn every day, so they should be comfortable and stylish. The best way to find your perfect bracelet is to experiment with different styles and see what works for you. There are three main ways to wear Pura Vida bracelets:

1) Stack them up! Mix and match different colors and sizes to create your own unique look. This is a great way to show off your personality and style.

2) Wear them on their own. Simple yet chic, wearing a single bracelet makes a statement without being too over-the-top. 3) Get creative!

There’s no wrong way to wear Pura Vida bracelets. Be bold and try new things. After all, life is an adventure!

Are Pura Vida Metal Bracelets Waterproof

Are Pura Vida Metal Bracelets Waterproof? Yes, all of our metal bracelets are waterproof! You can wear them in the shower, pool, or ocean – no worries!

Why are Pura Vida Bracelets Waxy

Pura Vida Bracelets is a type of bracelet that is made out of wax. The wax is then formed into different shapes and designs. The reason why these bracelets are waxy is that the company uses a special type of wax in order to make them.

This type of wax is called paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a type of wax that is derived from petroleum. It is also known for being very hard and brittle.

The hardness of the wax makes it so that the bracelet can keep its shape and not break easily. The brittleness of the wax also helps to give the bracelet a more polished look.

Can Pura Vida Bracelets Be Worn As Anklets

If you’re a fan of the popular Costa Rican lifestyle brand Pura Vida, you might be wondering if their bracelets can double as anklets. The answer is yes! Pura Vida’s bracelets are fully adjustable and can be worn as anklets with no problem.

So if you’re looking for a new summer accessory, consider rockin’ a Pura Vida bracelet as an anklet.

How To Clean Pura Vida String Bracelets


Can Pura Vida String Bracelets Get Wet?

Pura Vida is a brand of string bracelets that are popular among people of all ages. The bracelets are made of different materials, including wax-coated string, beads, and charms. While most Pura Vida bracelets can get wet, there are some that should not be worn in the water.

Wax-coated string bracelets should not be worn in water because the wax will start to dissolve and the bracelet will fall apart. Beaded bracelets can get wet, but it is best to avoid getting them too wet as the beads may start to come off. Charmed bracelets can also get wet, but you should avoid getting them too wet as the charms may fall off.

How Do You Clean a String Bracelet?

Assuming you are talking about a bracelet made of string or thread, the best way to clean it is by using a soft-bristled brush. Gently brush the bracelet in circular motions to remove any dirt or debris that may be on it. If the bracelet is really dirty, you can soak it in warm water with mild soap for a few minutes before brushing it.

Once you are finished cleaning the bracelet, rinse it off with cool water and let it air dry.

How Do You Clean Pura Vidas?

Pura Vidas is a type of earring that is made out of Stainless Steel. They are very easy to clean and only require a few simple steps to keep them looking new. Here are the steps on how to clean your Pura Vidas:

1) Use mild soap and warm water to wet your Pura Vidas. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaners as this can damage the steel. 2) Gently rub the Pura Vidas with your fingers in a circular motion until they are clean.

You can also use a soft cloth if you prefer. 3) Rinse the Pura Vidas off with warm water and dry them with a soft cloth. Avoid letting them air dry as this can cause water spots.

4) If you notice any stubborn dirt or grime, you can use a toothbrush to lightly scrub it away. Be sure to rinse the area well afterward so that no cleaner is left behind.

How Do You Make Pura Vida Bracelets Smell Better?

If your Pura Vida bracelet starts to smell bad, there are a few things you can do to make it smell better. First, try washing the bracelet with soap and water. If that doesn’t work, you can try using rubbing alcohol or vinegar.

Soak the bracelet in either of these liquids for a few minutes, then rinse it off and dry it thoroughly. You can also try putting the bracelet in the freezer for a few hours; this will kill any bacteria that might be causing the odor. If none of these methods work, you may need to replace your bracelet.

How to Wash Your Bracelets || Friendship Bracelets


Pura Vida is a Costa Rican company that sells string bracelets. The company has a blog post on how to clean the bracelets. The post recommends using dish soap and water.

Rub the bracelet with your fingers to remove any dirt or debris. Rinse the bracelet with water and dry it off with a soft cloth.

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